Mermaid Design LLC
Mission Statement:

Mermaid Design LLC was founded by Anne  G Fredericks to help people by creating home and business environments that reflect the character, talents, and interest’s of the people inhabiting them. Living or working in a well designed, beautiful space  enhances our life experience.

There is great truth in the Winston Churchill quote” We form our buildings and then they form us”.

Mermaid Design works to make environments that are comfortable, functional and expressive.  A strong aspect of Mermaid Design is the ability to create custom furnishings and object for the enhancement of every project.

As an artist, architectural historian and designer, Anne has a wealth of knowledge about beauty, historic design, architecture, materials, art, which inform her ideas about how to live.

Mermaid Design  is also committed to the use of locally produced and environmentally sound materials in both their interior and landscape designs.