Woodland Style author Marlene Marshall

Photography by: Sabine Vollmer von Falken


Seasonal Crowns

Anne created four distinctive crowns using bits and pieces from her collection. Each was constructed on a small wire armature to which the various elements were hot-glued.

sabine-photography6495The spring crown is made from birds nests filled with eggs from her neighbor’s French pullets and sprays of apple blossoms.


sabine-photography7701For the summer crown, Anne used green moss, grass, garden-fresh strawberries, pink cosmos, pansies, roses, and lavender flowers.  Butterflies, moths, and dragonflies suspended on thin wire hover over the arrangement.

sabine-photography7731This autumn crown features the work of hornets. The base is a large papery nest, which Anne topped with honeycomb, wasp galls, elderberries, and flowers.


Winter’s bounty covers this crown with sprays of white pine and spruce, rows of pinecones, kousa dogwood friuts, small hemlock cones and berries.